‘White paper’ and other updates

First post on our simple blog. 🙂 My name is Lawrence Nahum, I’m the founder of GreenAddress. Here’s my LinkedIn profile: I have only been interested first and then involved in Bitcoin for a bit more than the last two years, but it feels like much more than that, and the last few months, and especially the last few weeks have been so packed but great with lots of new users and amazing feedback and obviously a lot of hard work.

We started with the first deterministic Multisig 2of2 Wallet with time unlocking functionality: a wallet that at the same time sports a large array of features improving privacy, security and convenience.

We have open sourced both our clients for both Android and Desktop as well as Gentle, we then added a bunch of languages (more coming), and today have published a document that describes our design and implementation, sometimes called a ‘white paper’, at least in B2B .

If you want to read it have a look here  and please do say what you think,  we’d love to hear your feedback. If instead you want to see a quick and superficial video infographics  about GreenAddress you can find one here.

We will soon publish more information on our short-term roadmap which includes an API (check out the preview) coinjoin integration, payment protocol and more. 🙂

UPDATE: Post on Reddit with comments.