iOS, Bitcoin and qr codes

At GreenAddress, to support the Android platform (and soon more) we use Cordova ,  a framework that allows to target multiple platforms with one code base and in theory (and in our case I believe in practice too) increase reuse and reduce rewrites.

Unfortunately, even though this would allow us to easily support iOS via an app, because of Apple policies and their history in regards to Bitcoin, it is the case that we can really only support jail broken phones on alternative markets or we can attempt to submit a version of the app to the Apple store with the send functionality removed which would really cripple its utility and it still does not guarantee our app would make it.

Qrcode scanning is almost at the core of Bitcoin payments, especially on the go.  While so far we offered support for it on Android  we did not provide any support or any other platform which we feel that especially on iOS devices limits the use of the wallet.

With some inspiration from Coinpunk QR support on iOS and the great work from the guys at,  I’m happy to announce that we now support qrcode scanning on any HTML5 enabled browser via both camera or local file ‘upload’!

Note that this functionality is also available to login into a wallet and that it includes support for all Android devices we have tested, Chrome and Safari on iOS devices 🙂

Happy scanning!