BTChip HW.1 : Paris-based Secure Element innovators launch a tiny smartcard-based USB bitcoin hardware wallet, compatible from day one with GreenAddress

GreenAddress-recto2BTChip announced the launch of a friendly, small yet powerful USB wallet – HW.1 – a new product, designed with security and ease of use in m
ind, thus effectively providing stronger protection against theft and malware while providing a smoother user experience.

BTChip founder Nicolas Bacca explained that the card is designed to appeal to users frustrated with classic wallet security and maintenance policies:
“We’re pleased to be the first company to bring affordable banking grade security, while preserving bitcoin user centered principles. And, with GreenAddress, you are protected by both the card and by the multisig provided by the wallet. It makes it very, very easy for you to access your coins. Easier. Safer. AND Faster”

The device works especially well with multisignature as the combination of the two allows the user to ultimately verify transactions before they are finalized using 2-factor authentication.
Lawrence Nahum, cofounder & CEO of GreenAddress said:

“A combination that brings the best of two worlds: multisig and hardware wallets. I expect a lot of people to be using them. Both our Chrome app and Android app app support the HW.1 with the latter in final testing and via full USB ports or micro USB OTG adapters.”

GreenAddress is one of the most promising and innovative wallets, a leading bitcoin platform provider implementing multisig and HD (BIP0032) features, instant confirmation and has the widest support for devices.

The HW.1 offers a comprehensive open source API available on GitHub, is also compatible with the upcoming Electrum release 2.0 and can be, given large enough orders, personalized to customers liking.

 Immediately available, on special offer with two cards (one for backup) at – you can get away with two hardware wallets included shipping for as little as 20 € (25 $), payable in bitcoins.

Reported by CoinDesk