The Rock Trading exchange implements instant transaction confirmation and safer customer deposit with GreenAddress

therockDigital currencies exchange The Rock Trading, established in 2007 and trading Bitcoin since June 2011,  announced a partnership with GreenAddress, a leading multisig provider that aims to make Bitcoin storage and transactions easier, safer and faster.

The Rock Trading now allows funds to be instantly credited when deposited from a GreenAddress wallet, and instantly  withdrawn.

The Rock Trading co-founder and CTO Davide Barbieri explained that the new features are designed to reduce friction for traders and people looking to speed up Bitcoin transactions processing while improving transactions and storage security:

“We’re pleased to be the first european exchange to support both multisignature and instant confirmation. Our users will be able to store their bitcoin in the most secure wallet, while instant confirmation let them being in control of Bitcoin funds until the last moment. It’s another step toward exchange trust.”


Lawrence Nahum, co-founder & CEO of GreenAddress said:


“Traders are feeling that while Bitcoin is superior to the legacy banking it still takes around 30 minutes to move funds from one exchange to another. This makes it harder to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities and thus bring liquidity. With our multisig-based instant confirmation people can be confident they are the only ones in control while still retaining the convenience of not having to wait for bitcoin transaction confirmations – and we have an API that provides just that to developers too!”

Nahum revealed that more exchanges, payment processors, ATMs, etc will come onboard featuring instant confirmation.

Both Nahum and Barbieri pointed out how implementing instant confirmation greatly reduces friction, allowing for a massive competitive advantage in the ecosystem.

About The Rock Trading Ltd

Born in 2007, The Rock Trading is a maltese exchange focused on digital currencies. It was one of the first exchange to make trading available with Bitcoin, in June 2011. Since May 2013 it is also a Ripple gateway.

About GreenAddressIT Ltd

Born in 2013, GreenAddress is a leading Bitcoin platform offering the industry’s first and most advanced multi-signature API and multiplatform wallet focused on reducing friction and increasing security and ease of use in storing and transacting Bitcoin.


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