GreenBits, the all new snappy Android Bitcoin Wallet with multisig and hardware wallets support


GreenAddress and its team are happy to announce the availability of GreenBits in the Android Play and F-Droid open source stores.
Screenshot_2015-01-22-15-49-00What is GreenBits?
A new, open source, snappy Android Bitcoin Wallet combining the improved security provided by multisignature and hardware wallets to enhance both security and user experience.
Based on BitcoinJ, the app supports all hardware wallets currently available including the Ledger Nano and HW.1 as well as Satoshilabs’ TREZOR and clones such as BWALLET.

The app supports the following functionality:

  • Hardware wallet support: Ledger’s Nano and Satoshilabs’ TREZOR (and clones)
  • Payment protocol aka BIP70 via clickable links, QrCode or NFC
  • HD/BIP32: deterministic and doesn’t reuse Bitcoin addresses
  • 4 or more digits PIN (with server assisted strong 256 bit AES random key) to protect against brute force attacks while providing a smooth user experience Screenshot_2015-01-22-16-02-44
  • 2of2 and 2of3 sub accounts to separate funds
  • Instant confirmation with supported parties, ideal for recipient double spend protection
  • All bitcoin denominations (BTC, mBTC, uBTC _and_ Bits)
  • Spending Limits in BTC or fiat terms
  • 4 different kinds of 2FA authentication (SMS, Email, OTP and robot call)
  • Sweeping paper wallets
  • The large majority of price sources in various currencies
  • Early support for Proton, Ledger’s NFC Bitcoin Wallet prototype


The app is available for both MainNet and TestNet, some functionality currently requires use of the  GreenAddress desktop app to be used (for instance enabling/disabling 2FA, Limits, initializing hardware wallets, etc).

Some have asked why we have a new app and what will happen to the old Android app we have.

While the old app provided a great amount of functionality we came to the conclusion that having a native Android app provides a better user experience and generally faster payments.

We will keep both for the time being as GreenBits becomes more robust and supports all features GreenAddress has.



Feedback as usual is greatly appreciated!