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Two Factor Authentication Recovery

Hi, We’d like to update you on our progress with enabling two factor resets for users who have lost access to their second factor authentication. For those affected, we are happy to announce that we will be enabling access to your coins following the procedure… Read More

Announcement regarding BIP148/BIP91 SegWit soft fork upgrade and enforcement

How is GreenAddress handling the BIP91/BIP148 soft fork? BIP91 (see has now been activated by a large majority of miners. This means that miners are now signaling to activate Segregated Witness (also known as segwit or BIP141, see If BIP91 is enforced by… Read More

Why Replace by Fee is Good for Bitcoin

tldr The reason we started GreenAddress was to provide a way of third party assured, zero-conf transactions: our customers have enjoyed since the service was launched.  RBF means these transactions won’t get stuck, and their bitcoin experience will be even smoother, even in the case… Read More

Scaling Bitcoin is Political

“What is the right maximum blocksize?” This question is impossible to answer. There is no “right” blocksize, and everyone will have to lobby for their vision of the network. However, in order to actually persuade anyone of your position, you need to enumerate your end… Read More

BTChip HW.1 : Paris-based Secure Element innovators launch a tiny smartcard-based USB bitcoin hardware wallet, compatible from day one with GreenAddress

BTChip announced the launch of a friendly, small yet powerful USB wallet – HW.1 – a new product, designed with security and ease of use in m ind, thus effectively providing stronger protection against theft and malware while providing a smoother user experience. BTChip founder… Read More

Pay to script hash stats

Since the end of 2013 a new kind of Bitcoin addresses is possible. Instead of sending your Bitcoin to an address made of a hash of a public key you send them to an address made of a hash of a script. This allows to shift the responsibility… Read More