How to initialize your Trezor with GreenAddress services

To initialize your Trezor with the GreenAddress wallet, you have to do this with the Chrome application.

Once you have installed the application start it up and plug in your Trezor.


In the screenshot we can see “Log in via hardware wallet”, but this will only work if you are already initialized and registered with GreenAddress services. Instead click on the “Create Wallet” link.

If you have not initialized your wallet with the Trezor software, you will be re-directed to do so.


If you have, you will be shown a screen showing the normal PIN interface to allow you to wake up your device. Enter in your Trezor PIN that you use for myTrezor wallet.


Next screen will let you know you are signing up with a hardware wallet. Your Trezor will prompt you about the login attempt using the Trezor, and you must click ok on the Trezor device.


You can click that you confirm you have saved your passphrase and understand the Terms of Service.


A pop-up will also occur on your computer screen telling you to confirm on your Trezor device if you haven’t already done so.

Click continue. Next is the standard 2FA setup.

Registering for E-mail notifications for both incoming and outgoing transactions will allow you to recover your funds with the Gentle tool if something goes wrong and is highly recommended.

Logging in again will be done using the standard “Log in via hardware wallet” button.

Congratulations! Now you are a hardware wallet muti-sig user and can take advantage of the full power of GreenAddress services!