[Deprecated] How to recover your funds using Gentle tool (2-of-2 setup)

WARNING: Gentle is deprecated, please use the new garecovery tool

This walk-through will show you how to recover your funds in the event that GreenAddress becomes unresponsive.


  1. In order to use this you must have an nlocktime zip of your funds from your wallet that you receive after you set up e-mail 2FA and send funds.
  2. The funds must be sufficiently “old”. The default nlocktime is set for roughly 90 days, or 12960 blocks to be precise but it can be changed and the minimum is of 1 day or 144 blocks. You may need to wait longer to get your funds, but they’re still safe!
  3. You must have stored your mnemonics. If you did not store them and GreenAddress servers melt down, you are out of luck. Always store your mnemonics no matter what!
  4. A computer you can trust. If the computer you run recovery on is hacked, funds could be stolen. To reduce this risk and of simple loss of keys it is recommended you move your funds immediately to a wallet you trust.

If you do not have the zip file or your mnemonics for your wallet, this tutorial can not be completed.

If you have all required data,  continue by downloading the Gentle tool source code from GitHub: GitHub Gentle Repo

Once you have downloaded the files, open the folder and load the index.html file with your Firefox browser. You will be greeted by the application.


Enter in your mnemonics passphrase. There are a few cases here:

  1. Your “mnemonics” is actually a string with “Seed “, followed by a string of hex, the last character being an ‘X’. This is a Ledger seed.
  2. Your mnemonics are 24 words long.
  3. Your mnemonics are 27 words long.

In the case of (3), a new text box will appear.


This means your mnemonics have been encrypted by an optional passphrase you have chosen previously. Please retrieve that phrase and enter it into the newly appeared box.

Cases (1), (2) continue from here, along with (3):

Click the “Browse” button to load your nlocktime zip locally. From there the application will attempt to decrypt your zip using your wallet’s chaincode, and read the data.  If successful the progress bar with reach 100% and a list of decrypted transactions will be listed, along with the blocktime they can be pushed to the blockchain via various services.


You can select the transactions that have a status of 0, and export them to a Comma Separated Value file locally, or simply push the signed transactions through Blockr.io service. Make sure to retain the private keys since they will be used to send those redeemed funds into your new wallet of your choice.

Please follow that wallets’ directions on how to “sweep” the key or import it properly.

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