What if I lose my mnemonics?

In the standard 2-of-2 setup if you do not store a backup of your mnemonics there are a couple of options:

  1. Use an already-logged in device to look up your mnemonics such as GreenBits and GreenAddress apps. In the standard account setup one can go to settings and retrieve their mnemonics directly. If this works, write it down and keep it safe for the future!
  2. If you’re already signed in but can’t view mnemonics for one reason or another, simply send your funds to a freshly generated wallet that you have a backup for.

Unfortunately if you cannot retrieve your mnemonics or send your funds elsewhere via an installed wallet, you are out of luck. GreenAddress does not have the power to get your funds back. This technological limit is intentional, because otherwise GreenAddress could simply confiscate customer funds at any time.